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The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) provides states with comprehensive programs and services designed to help career seekers secure the employment, education, training and support services necessary to succeed in the labor market while also matching employers with the skilled workers they need to compete in the global economy. Through the implementation of WIOA, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) has been able to build relationships among key workforce partners, including business leaders, Local Workforce Development Boards (Boards), community colleges, nonprofit organizations, youth-serving organizations and state and local officials to strive for a more job-driven approach to training and skills development.

WIOA authorizes the following core programs under the workforce development system:

  • Employment and training services for adults
  • Employment and training services for dislocated workers
  • Employment and training services for youth
  • Wagner-Peyser Employment Services
  • Adult education and literacy programs
  • Vocational rehabilitation state grant programs that assist individuals with disabilities in obtaining employment

Funding for WIOA is provided through grants received from the US Department of Labor Employment & Training Administration (DOLETA).

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WIOA Combined State Plan

WIOA requires states to develop and submit a four-year plan for achieving the state’s workforce goals. TWC’s WIOA Combined State Plan (CSP) includes information relating to the WIOA core programs and other programs administered by TWC, including the Senior Community Service Employment Program and the Wagner-Peyser Agricultural Outreach plan. The CSP also highlights goals and strategies to do the following:

  • Align, coordinate and integrate education, employment and training programs
  • Guide investments to ensure that training and services are meeting the needs of employers and individuals
  • Engage economic, education and workforce partners in improving the workforce development system

WIOA Combined State Plan Two-Year Modification for PY 2022-2023 MS Word

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WIOA Guidance

TWC maintains numerous program guides, Workforce Development Letters and Technical Assistance Bulletins that are designed to provide Boards with information and guidance on implementing WIOA programs.

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WIOA One-Stop Certification

WIOA requires all Workforce Solutions Offices in each local workforce development area to be certified by TWC once every three years. All Workforce Solutions Offices must be certified by December 31, 2023. Workforce Solutions Offices may re-certify by filling out the One-Stop Certification form provided below. Completed forms may be submitted via e-mail to Board.Relations@twc.texas.gov.  

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WIOA Self-Sufficiency Wage Levels

WIOA participants who are employed, but are not receiving self-sufficiency wages, may be eligible for WIOA training services. The U.S. Department of Labor’s 100 percent Lower Living Standard Income Level (LLSIL) guidelines may be used to set minimum criteria for determining whether WIOA Title I participants receive self-sufficiency wages in their local areas. 

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Training Provider Requirements

To receive WIOA funding through Individual Training Accounts for adult and dislocated workers, training providers must apply for certification and be included on the Statewide Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL). The Statewide ETPL includes all training programs that have been reviewed by Boards and are certified by TWC.

Each Board selects its youth activity providers on a competitive basis. Chosen providers are awarded grants or contracts.

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WIOA Annual Reports

Every year, TWC prepares a WIOA Annual Statewide Performance Report Narrative to be submitted to the US Secretary of Labor. The report describes the progress achieved in the provision of WIOA programs and how the state’s strategic vision and goals for the workforce system were met.

View WIOA Annual Reports WOIA 2018 Annual Report PDF2021 2020 2019 2018 

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