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Notification Requirements

Your school programs or courses must be implemented as you described them when they were approved by TWC. All planned revisions that require changes in the catalog must be reported to TWC before implementation; most also require TWC approval. Changes to tuition and fees and changes to degree programs are not approved by TWC but must be reported.

Examples of program or course revisions which must be approved by TWC before implementation include a change in:

  • Admission requirements
  • Title of program or seminar
  • Main skills to be learned
  • Subjects for programs
  • Topics for seminars
  • Program structure (example: changing the combination of lab, lecture and externship hours)
  • Subject length in contact or credit hours
  • Contact or credit hours
  • Contact hour length of a program or course that is less than a 25% change

New Program or Seminar

Some changes, such as a change in the occupations or job titles for which program training is provided or a change of 25% or greater in contact hour length of a program or seminar, are treated as a new program or seminar.

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Program or Seminar Changes

Expedited Procedure Eligibility for Residence Schools

If your residence school is accredited and has been licensed by TWC under the current ownership for at least one year, you may be eligible to use an expedited procedure to submit information on new or revised programs within 5 days of approval by the accreditor. This procedure will allow your school to forego direct TWC approval of the new or revised programs. To determine if your school may be eligible for the expedited procedure, refer to the criteria in Notification of New or Revised Courses for Licensed, Accredited Schools.

Program Changes that Require Catalog Revisions Including Tuition and Fee Changes


  • Revised Program/Seminar ApplicationRevised Program/Seminar Application PDF orRevised Program/Seminar Application MS Word
  • One copy of existing catalog page(s) in the current catalog
  • One draft copy of proposed new page(s) with changes
  • Notarized Summary of Changes Notarized Summary of Changes PDF

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Changes to the Enrollment Agreement or Catalog Without Program or Seminar Changes

When you change your enrollment agreement or your catalog and there is no change to a program or seminar, submit:

  • A list of changes and revisions with explanations for them
  • Copies of current and proposed catalog pages
  • A copy of the revised enrollment agreement and/or revised catalog
  • A notarized Summary of ChangesSummary of Changes PDF

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Adding Programs or Seminars

You must notify TWC prior to implementing a new program or seminar at your school, and most of these new programs or seminars must also be approved by TWC before you can offer them. Some may be exempt from TWC regulation, and some may be regulated by other agencies in coordination with TWCPDF.

You must have instructors who have been approved to teach a new seminar or the subjects of a new program or seminar. If your school is not required to submit instructor applications because it is accredited and meets all other criteria, you must have documentation on file showing you have qualified instructors to teach the new subjects or seminars. All other schools must submit new instructor applications for staff who will teach the new subjects or seminars.

Definition of New Program or Seminar

New programs or seminars are programs or seminars that:

  • Have not been previously offered at the school
  • Were previously offered but discontinued
  • Had a change of 25% or more in the hours, content or lessons of the program within a 12-month period
  • Represent changes to a currently approved program (does not apply to seminars) and students will be trained for a different or additional occupation (for example, a secretarial program that adds a medical secretary option)

Applying for Addition of a New Program

If your school is not eligible for the expedited procedure, submit the following for each proposed addition to your school's list of approved courses:

  • New Program/Seminar Application coversheet with attachments and forms, including:
  • Notarized Summary of ChangesSummary of Changes PDF
  • Fee SheetFee Sheet PDF
  • $225 application fee

Applying for Addition of a New Seminar

Submit the following with each proposed addition to a school's list of approved seminars:

  • New Program/Seminar Application New program/Seminar Application PDF or MS Word coversheet
  • Copy of proposed catalog pages referencing the seminar, including:
  • If more than 10 contact hours in length, state the time to be spent on each topic
  • Notarized Summary of ChangesSummary of Changes PDF
  • Fee SheetFee Sheet PDF
  • $35 application fee

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