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TWC regulates and enforces operations of both licensed schools and unlicensed schools. In either case, we will work with a school that is operating in violation of law or rule to become compliant. If a school continues to operate in violation, TWC may impose penalties or sanctions as authorized by Texas Administrative Code sections 807.352 and 807.353.

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Licensed Schools

For licensed schools, if TWC is imposing a penalty or sanction on your school, we will consider actions you have taken to correct the current violations, prior violations your school has had, and the level of action TWC needs to take to ensure your compliance with law and rule.

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Unlicensed Schools

If an unlicensed school operates, solicits or enrolls students, or conducts instruction, TWC may assess a penalty, require full refunds to all students, or issue a cease and desist order.

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Continued Violations

If violations continue uncorrected, TWC may make a referral to the Office of the Attorney General of Texas for injunctive relief to ensure compliance with laws and rules governing career schools and colleges. This can include penalties of up to $1,000 per day of unauthorized operation.

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