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Workforce Policy and Guidance

Workforce Policy and Guidance

TWC’s Workforce Policy and Guidance page provides searchable access to Workforce Development Letters, Adult Education and Literacy Letters, Fraud Deterrence and Compliance Monitoring Letters, and Technical Assistance Bulletins. If you have questions about policy guidance, please email:

Comprehensive Program Guides

Visit the Workforce Program Guides page to access comprehensive program-specific guides that provide information and guidance on programs administered by TWC.

WD Letters, AEL Letters, CC Letters, FDCM Letters, and TA Bulletins

Information on all active and rescinded letters will appear in search results. However, a link to the letter is provided only for 1) active letters and 2) rescinded letters that were originally issued on or after January 1, 2016. Filter results by using the boxes below for Search Subject/Guidance No., Status, Keywords, Type, and Date. Once filters are selected, click the Apply button. Click the Reset button to clear all filters to begin a new search.

* If a document is not posted online, you may request a copy by emailing workforce.editing@twc.texas.gov.

Guidance Number Status Subject Keywords Publication Datesort ascending
WD 09-19, Chg 2 Active Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Performance Outcomes: Measurable Skill Gains—Update

AEL, Performance, TAA, TWIST, VR, WIOA 09/19/2023
FDCM 07-23 Active Reviewing TWC Applicants for Agency Debt FDCM 09/13/2023
WD 17-23 Active Funds for Hiring and Retaining Texas Rising Star Mentors

Child Care 09/06/2023
WD 13-23 Active RESEA Exemptions, Outreach, and Appointment Cancelations

RESEA, WorkInTexas.com 09/05/2023
WD 21-23 Active Local Workforce Development Board Membership Administration, Child Care, WIOA 09/01/2023
WD 20-23 Active Board Contract Year 2024 Child Care Provider Payment Rates

Child Care 08/29/2023
SR WFCMS-04 Active Workforce Case Management System Questions & Answers 07/28/2023
TA 289, Chg 3 Active WIOA Youth Program Elements—Update

TWIST, WIOA 07/27/2023
WD 12-23 Active Provision of SNAP E&T Workfare Agreements for FFY'24

SNAP E&T 07/25/2023
WD 08-23 Active Texas Child Care Connection and Child Care Automated Attendance

Child Care 07/11/2023
WD 11-23 Active Board Strategic Planning for Quality Improvement Event

Child Care 06/26/2023
WD 10-23 Active TECPDS Board Training and Participation Child Care 06/26/2023
WD 20-21, Chg 1 Active Digital Skills Building—Update

AEL, ES, SNAP E&T, TAA, TANF/Choices, WIOA 06/26/2023
WD 09-23 Active Texas School Ready™ Comprehensive Program

Child Care 06/12/2023
WD 04-23 Active Build America, Buy America Act: Compliance under Vocational Rehabilitation Contracts with Local Workforce Development Boards

VR 06/07/2023
WD 06-19, Chg 1 Active Incumbent Worker Training—Update

WIOA 06/06/2023
WD 07-23 Active Board Contract Year 2023 Child Care Allocation

Child Care 06/05/2023
WD 29-22, Chg 2 Active Ban of TikTok and Other Nonwork-Related Social Network Services—Update

Administration 04/25/2023
WD 04-21, Chg 3 Active Child Care Investments Partnership Program—Update

Child Care 04/25/2023
WD 06-23 Active Child Care Services Provider Exit Survey

Child Care 04/24/2023
WD 18-22, Chg 1 Active Local Workforce Development Board Plans: Guidelines for Two-Year Plan Modifications of 2021–2024 Plans—Update

Board Planning, WIOA 04/11/2023
WD 19-21, Chg 2 Active Child Care Provider Contracted Slots Agreements—Update

Child Care 04/10/2023
WD 23-22, Chg 1 Active Texas Rising Star Entry Level Designation Implementation—Update

Child Care 04/05/2023
WD 25-22, Chg 1 Active Child Care Quality Funds Report and Implementation and Expenditure Plan—Update

Child Care 04/04/2023
WD 02-23 Active Adoption of a Universal Employment Plan ES, General, NCP Choices, RESEA, SNAP E&T, TAA, TANF/Choices, TWIST, Veterans, WIOA, WorkInTexas.com 03/27/2023
WD 13-22, Chg 1 Active Online Learning Management Systems and Performance Expectations—Update

TANF/Choices 03/27/2023
AEL 02-23 Active Reporting Adult Education and Literacy Career Services and Training Services AEL 03/08/2023
TA 303 Active LinkedIn Administrative Tools General 03/02/2023
FDCM 02-23 Active Agency Board Agreement Policy and Procedure Uploads FDCM 03/01/2023
FDCM 01-23 Active Monitoring the Summer Earn and Learn Program FDCM 02/23/2023