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Texas Government Code Sections 2054.126 (d)(4), 2261.253, and 403.0245 require each state agency to post contract and procurement information on its website.  This page contains information about current contracts valued between $0.00 and $50,000.00.  Contracts valued equal to or greater than $50,000 may be found on the Legislative Budget Board Contracts Database.  This list also includes contracts that have been competitively bid at the state level including Comptroller of Public Accounts awarded contracts, Department of Information Resources awarded contracts and Office of the Texas Governor.

All documents are in PDFPDF format.

If you require accessible documents, please send request to email PCSDDirector@twc.texas.gov.  Please allow up to 3 days for us to respond.

Contract IDsort descending Supplier Name Subject Max Amount Procurement Number Files
1422ADM001 KOETTER FIRE PROTECTION OF AUSTIN LLC Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security, Utilities, etc) $34,860.00 3202200113 1422ADM001 C

1422ADM001 C2

1422ADM001 C3

1422ADM001 P
1422SSF001 AUSTIN URBAN TECHNOLOGY MOVEMENT G-Self Sufficiency Fund $25,000.00
1823SDF003 PAYROLL-LAMAR INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY G-Skills Development Fund $50,000.00
2023TAN003 UNIV OF THE INCARNATE WORD G-Youth Initiatives $33,283.00 3202300066
2823SSD003 HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE SYSTEM G-Skills for Small Business $21,000.00 2823SSD003 C
2923ITC009 CONVERGEONE INC Software/Maintenance $49,299.36 3202300225 2923ITC009 C
2923WCI001 JDHQ HOTELS LLC G-Workforce Commission Initiatives $24,500.00 2923WCI001 C
3020VRS021 MICHAEL J ALLEN Medical Records Review $24,500.00 3202000100 3020VRS021 C

3020VRS021 C1

3020VRS021 P

3020VRS021 P1
3023VRS064 ACCESSIBLE SYSTEMS OF DALLAS LLC Residential Modifications $26,879.91 3202300155 3023VRS064 C
3023VRS098 ACCESSIBLE SYSTEMS OF DALLAS LLC Residential Modifications $26,882.74 3202300197 3023VRS098 C

3023VRS098 P

3023VRS098 P1
3023VRS115 IMPROVEABILITY LLC Assistive Technology $30,226.94 3202300189 3023VRS115 C

3023VRS115 P

3023VRS115 P1
3119ADM012 WASTE CONNECTIONS LONE STAR INC Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security, Utilities, etc) $27,297.60 3201900066 3119ADM012 C

3119ADM012 C1

3119ADM012 C2

3119ADM012 C3

3119ADM012 C4

3119ADM012 P

3119ADM012 P1
3119ADM065 TEXAS DISPOSAL SYSTEMS INC Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security, Utilities, etc) $38,967.88 3201900067 3119ADM065 C

3119ADM065 C1

3119ADM065 C2

3119ADM065 C3

3119ADM065 C4
3121ADM016 CINTAS CORPORATION NO 2 Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security, Utilities, etc) $22,823.42 3202100023 3121ADM016 C

3121ADM016 C1

3121ADM016 C2

3121ADM016 C3

3121ADM016 P

3121ADM016 P1

3121ADM016 P2

3121ADM016 P3
3121ADM023 WORKQUEST Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security, Utilities, etc) $27,135.00 3202100050 3121ADM023 C

3121ADM023 C1

3121ADM023 C2

3121ADM023 C3

3121ADM023 C4

3121ADM023 P
3121ADM027 WORKQUEST Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security, Utilities, etc) $37,272.00 3202100073 3121ADM027 C

3121ADM027 C1

3121ADM027 C2

3121ADM027 C3

3121ADM027 C4

3121ADM027 P

3121ADM027 P1
3121ADM048 DAVID O GUTIERREZ Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security, Utilities, etc) $14,350.28 3202100089 3121ADM048 C

3121ADM048 C1

3121ADM048 C2

3121ADM048 C3

3121ADM048 C4

3121ADM048 P
3121ADM107 CRITICAL MENTION INC Information Technology (Administrative) $24,000.00 3202100216 3121ADM107 C

3121ADM107 C1

3121ADM107 P
3121ADM124 MICROMAIN CORPORATION Software/Maintenance $44,100.00 3202100223 3121ADM124 C

3121ADM124 P

3121ADM124 P1
3122ADM056 SADA SYSTEMS INC Software/Maintenance $38,400.00 3202100330 3122ADM056 C

3122ADM056 C1

3122ADM056 C2

3122ADM056 C3
3122ADM113 EMR ELEVATOR INC CCRC Maintenance/Service $27,500.00 3202200120 3122ADM113 C

3122ADM113 C1

3122ADM113 P

3122ADM113 P1

3122ADM113 P2

3122ADM113 R1

3122ADM113 S
3122ADM137 KONICA MINOLTA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS USA IN Equipment/Hardware $19,636.80 3202200259 3122ADM137 C
3122ADM191 KNIGHT SECURITY SYSTEMS LLC Equipment/Hardware $42,143.97 3202200314 3122ADM191 C
3122ADM193 CBRE INC Professional Services (Administrative) $1.00 3122ADM193 C

3122ADM193 C1

3122ADM193 C2
3122ADM196 AMERICAN VENDING SALES INC BET Vending Equipment (Business Enterprises of Texas) $24,714.00 3202200316 3122ADM196 C
3122ADM197 WALSH MEDIA PRODUCTIONS INC Equipment/Hardware $17,078.00 3202200320 3122ADM197 C
3122ADM199 WASTE SOLUTION SERVICES Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security, Utilities, etc) $10,151.88 3202200022 3122ADM199 C

3122ADM199 C1

3122ADM199 P

3122ADM199 P1

3122ADM199 P2
3122ADM205 PASCO BROKERAGE INC BET Blind Equipment (Business Enterprises of Texas) $24,300.00 3202200247 3122ADM205 C

3122ADM205 C1

3122ADM205 P

3122ADM205 P1

3122ADM205 P2

3122ADM205 P3

3122ADM205 P4

3122ADM205 P5
3122CPM002 HILTON COLLEGE STATION & CONFERENCE CENT Conference, Media, Meeting and Planning $2,222.40
3122ITC069 SOFTCHALK LLC Software/Maintenance $43,652.94 3202200311 3122ITC069 C

3122ITC069 P
3123ADM016 ARTHUR J GALLAGHER RISK MANAGEMENT Other Administrative $41,664.26 3123ADM016 C
3123ADM017 ALLIANT INSURANCE SERVICES INC BET Vending Services (Business Enterprises of Texas) $31,095.34 3202300122 3123ADM017 C
3123ADM028 KONICA MINOLTA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS USA IN Equipment Maintenance $40,260.00 3202300075 3123ADM028 C
3123ADM040 CONVERGEONE INC Software/Maintenance $46,809.72 3202300103 3123ADM040 C

3123ADM040 P
3123ADM041 SEGOVIA PRODUCE COMPANY INC Other Consumer Services $30,000.00 3202300020 3123ADM041 C

3123ADM041 P

3123ADM041 P1
3123ADM049 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF STATE WORKFORCE Membership $26,000.00 3202300102 3123ADM049 C

3123ADM049 P

3123ADM049 P1
3123ADM052 WORKQUEST Recycling and Shredding $48,000.00 3202300113 3123ADM052 C

3123ADM055 ELECTRONIC DATA CARRIERS INC Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security, Utilities, etc) $30,280.21 3202300115 3123ADM055 C

3123ADM055 P
3123ADM057 LONESTAR CEO LLC Other Administrative $40,000.00 3202300112 3123ADM057 C

3123ADM057 P
3123ADM060 MORROW CONSULTING LLC Software/Maintenance $26,500.00 3202300055 3123ADM060 C

3123ADM060 P

3123ADM060 P1
3123ADM069 CONVERGEONE INC Professional Services (Administrative) $29,000.00 3202200334 3123ADM069 C

3123ADM069 P
3123ADM079 ALLIANT INSURANCE SERVICES INC Other Administrative $9,692.00 3123ADM079 C
3123ADM086 KNIGHT SECURITY SYSTEMS LLC Equipment Maintenance $37,497.76 3202300174 3123ADM086 C

3123ADM086 C1
3123ADM092 DOYLE & SEELBACH PLLC Professional Services (Administrative) $25,000.00 3123ADM092 C
3123ADM094 CHRISTAL VISION Software/Maintenance $42,879.20 3202300198 3123ADM094 C
3123ADM102 MORROW CONSULTING LLC Software/Maintenance $46,500.00 3202300192 3123ADM102 C

3123ADM102 P

3123ADM102 P1

3123ADM102 P2

3123ADM102 P3
3123ADM103 PETROSYS SOLUTIONS INC Software/Maintenance $40,794.18 3123ADM103 C
3123CPM004 HORSESHOE BAY RESORT Conference, Media, Meeting and Planning $22,500.00
3123CPM006 SBCO-BREI AUSTIN OPERATING COMPANY LLC Conference, Media, Meeting and Planning $22,604.40
3123CPM007 SHERATON ARLINGTON Conference, Media, Meeting and Planning $9,864.50